Warning Don Jazzy's Doro Bucci Music is Dangerous

Warning Don Jazzy You can eat with the Devil, but you must use a long spoon, a really long spoon otherwise you might be caught in his negative web sooner rather than later, yes Jazzy and Marvin are back!. True Don Jazzy seem to be over the D'banj and MO'hit record wahala, churning out hits upon hits, for those who are still not convinced about his come back, he has

CBN| Need To Know About The N65 ATM Charge By Banks

Recently the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN introduced 65 Naira charge on ATM withdrawals, here are important things you've to know, to be able to minimize the cost of your withdrawal transactions via the automated teller machine.
1. Cash withdrawal at the ATMs of a customer’s bank is free
2. The first three
transactions in a month by the customer of another bank are free for the card holder but this is paid by the issuing bank
3. The N65 charge only applies when a customer withdraws cash from another bank’s ATM. The N65 starts to apply from the 4th transaction at another banks’ ATM in a month.
4. The ATM charge is not intended to discourage financial inclusion.
5. Charging of fees on interbank networks is a widely acceptable practice globally.
6. The CBN will not endorse any anti-customer policy
7. ATMs are deployed to ensure that customers enjoy banking convenience.
Among this 7 need to knows, you should take note of number 1, and 2, this will come handy when you want to minimize or avoid the 65 Naira ATM charge. Number 1 points out that all transaction in ATMs of a customer bank is free, which means you can goto your bank to withdraw your money.
However if some reason you can't withdraw from your bank then number 2 applies.

Top 10 Most Stolen Cars 2013/2014 Edition

Cars are being stolen daily, some are re-touched and resold while some are stripped and sold parts by parts, whichever way this car thieves do it, the main issue is they make money from it.

Money that most people can't dream of, infact according to stats the car thief business is $1 billion better off than some illegal business sectors.

Despite car jacking being a risky job people are still going into it, infact car thieft now has choices. The thief can choose to any vehicle he or she wishes to pinch. Below are what cars they choose, cars which are hot demand.

The 10 most-stolen cars and the number of cars stolen In 2013 and 2014(ALL MODELS) are as follows

1.) Honda Accord - 53,995
2.) Honda Civic - 45,001
3.) Chevrolet Silverado - 27,809
4.) Ford F-150 - 26,494
5.) Toyota Camry - 14,420
6.) Dodge/Ram Pickup - 11,347
7.) Dodge Caravan - 10,911
8.) Jeep Cherokee - 9,272
9.) Toyota Corolla - 9,010
10.) Nissan Altima - 8,892

List Of Some Popular Igbo Musicians In Nigeria

Igbo kwenu! Kwenu!! Kwenuzuonu o!!!
Ibos in Nigeria are known mainly for their prowess- they hold sway in the business sector, trading both petty commodities and big commodities, many of whom have their own companys scattered all around the world one example is Orji Uzor Kalu and Slok holdings. They've come to be known as business tycoons,

How To Sell Your Photos On Instagram

How To Sell Your Photos On Instagram

Another viable oppoturnity to make money on Net, entirely different from other avenues of earning money from the Internet like selling on Facebook, Amazon, Ebay and even some online store for T-shirts, here all what you need is an account with Instagram and some followers too.

Tips To Avoid Contacting Type D Ebola Virus Including Signs And Symtons

Ebola has arrived, first in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Liberia and Nigeria the disease as of now has no cure. But here are some important tips that can help you and your family prevent getting the Ebola type D virus

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